Brunei Darussalam National Darts Association

Established since 1996



On behalf of Brunei National Darts Association, we would like to greet all members and visitors to BNDA website.

BNDA Program for 2014

1st BNDA Committee meeting                    - 26 January 2014

2nd BNDA Committee meeting                  - 28 February 2014

BNDA Single Dart  Ranking (01/2014)   - March 2014

BNDA Futsal                                              - April - June 2014 (TBC)

BNDA Family Day                                      - May - June  2014 (TBC) 

BNDA Single Dart Ranking (02/2014)    - June 2014  

BNDA Tahlil                                                - June 2014

BNDA Eid Festival                                      - August 2014

Malaysia Open / PDC Asia Pacific              - September 2014

WDF Asia Pacific Cup                                - November 2014

BNDA Single Dart Ranking (03/2014)     - December 2014

BNDA Annual Gathering                             - December 2014

We hope that other players will join the tournament and be a member or affiliated to BNDA.  Hope that this year will  be a great year to Brunei players and achieve excellent performance in the coming event within Brunei and regionally.

BNDA Website

For your info, some of the executive members have changed with new committee however the upper management of BNDA remain the same. Please contact Hj Adanan ( Secretary General) for latest events.